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PEC has completed waterline design projects involving transmission mains, effluent reuse lines, pump stations, pressure reducing stations, pressure zone design, and design of other related systems and improvements. Our experience includes all phases of project development from planning and design to construction management and public involvement. This experience enables our personnel to minimize or eliminate many problems typical to water projects. Our engineers are able to anticipate possible delays and resolve critical issues while maintaining the project schedule. This results in a savings to the client of time and cost. We also understand the impact of construction on the community. Our public relations effort helps to identify issues with neighborhoods and businesses, and visitors because of the construction or improvements. The issues identified are factored into project design, schedules, and budgets wherever appropriate to improve the project.

PEC Services for Water Resources include:


  • Water Distribution Analysis and Design
  • Sewer System Analysis and Design
  • Horizontal & Directional Drilling Design
  • Rehabilitation Design (Water & Wastewater)
  • System Assessment
  • Capital Improvement Projects Prioritization
  • Surveying & GIS Development




         Water & Irrigation Engineering


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